Moneymohill National School, Kilcolman.

Picture taken May 2020 by Anita Hawkes

This building was originally built as a police barrack.It is not known what year it was built, but was before the first Ordnance Survey in 1844 and after 1833, as it is not recorded in a list of Limerick police barracks in that year. The back hall of the building was known locally as the ‘black hole’, as it was there prisoners were kept.
According to Margaret Connolly, Carrigkerry (1840-1938), in folklore collected during the School Folklore Collection of 1937-8, it was used as a soup kitchen during the famine, and soup and bread were given out to hungry people by the landlord’s wife, Mrs. Bateson. A primary school was established in the building in 1860.
In 1891, Horace Plunkett and R. A Anderson attended a meeting at the school with local farmers

in an attempt to get a co-operative society set up in the district. The school building was described then, as ‘cold, mouldy, damp and horribly smelly’. It continued to be used as a school until 1966, the pupils were then bused to Kilcolman school.

Article by Gerard Curtain