Geraldine O Connor (nee Daly) 1975-1980

It was 1975 the year of my rebirth

I was launched out of the bus and landed on St Mary’s turf

Little did I realise what fun and mischief lie ahead

Seanfhocail,Peig Sayers and Shakespeare to us all did bring much dread.

The theorems every Monday sent our heads into a tether

For if one of us did falter it was suas staighre for the leather!

That fierce piece of material that we wished would disappear

There was endless efforts of sabotage to have it vanish each year

The First year class of ’75 soon gained our fame for fun

From stink bombs to paper aeroplanes and farting powder in the buns

Geography with Peggy Dooley with maps and deep sea beds,

She challenge us as we did her

Some were christened as pure blockheads

Her smile, I still remember and how she used to sigh,

I hope her pupils are behaving, in her classroom in the sky

Am don Ghaeilge go bhfoire Dia, was time for palpitations

As Mrs Hawkes drilled into us 1% Knowledge and 99 perspiration

Seanfhocail and Tuiseal Ginideach became our daily toil

Then science and home economics ,

We were’ burning the midnight oil’!

The years went on as did the fun

The tricks became more pro

And staying out if trouble became an- dheacair don’t you know !

Leaving Cert came in a flash,

The year was 1980

Johnny Logan won The Eurovision,

We sang that song with gaiety.

What’s another Year for our class together to remember,

That our friendships and our memories would stay with us all forever.

In memory of past pupils of our school days, who are no longer with us !

You too were a part of our school memories

Ni bheidh a leitheid ann aris

Geraldine O’Connor (nee Daly)