Margaret O Shaughnessy (Peyton) 1961-1963

I cycled the 4 miles Monday to Friday from the far end of morenane except when it was raining and I got the bus from morenane cross ,so I only got half wet !
Some days my dad gave me a couple of shillings to spend in Mrs Brandon’s tea shop where I enjoyed a lovely treat of tea and biscuits .

I vividly remember Mrs Hawkes coming into the classroom gown swishing,she sometimes wore a yellow blouse under the gown and I used to think it made her face glow,I think I should have gone into fashion ! I see from her birthday photo she is still wearing  pale yellow .

My friends were Mary O’Sullivan ,HelenSheehy, Betty Ranahan John Madigan ,
pat Wallace and Seamus Mc Knight ,the same Seamus who tied the belt of my dress to the desk so I couldn’t stand up !

Now for the awful phobia I had of reading aloud ,I remember feeling full of panic as soon as the reading started and praying I wouldn’t be picked ! My voice shook and all of the rest of me as well.  I think some of the teachers realised this and passed me over . I so wish someone had  helped me with it . I heard Maura Dirrane of RTE saying saying she had the same problem so I wasn’t unique.

I did the Intercert in 2 yrs and I’m not sure if I was aware I should have repeated the next year.  Anyway being young and foolish I couldn’t wait to take off to England,that wasn’t my best decision ! Mrs Hawkes met my dad in Askeaton and told him off for not sending me back to school,she was absolutely right .

If Mrs Hawkes by any chance remembers me , give her my thanks for being such a good and fair teacher .