Antoinette Fitzgerald (nee O’ Shaughnessy’)

My memories of attending St. Marys Secondary School, Askeaton are very happy for many reasons. I was young and naive girl going into a big school and felt very shy and afraid. Thank god it turned out to be a brilliant journey. St. Marys was a stepping stone for me to better things. I made so many friends especially Mary Foley and Geraldine Walsh. We were like the 3 musketeers!!!!!
We do not realise until later in life how teachers can make you or break you.
Ms. Dooley was so kind and gentle and because of her I loved Geography.
What can I say about Mr. Curran- I will never forget the Pythagoras Therom – the square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides!!!! He was an excellent teacher.
Ms. Meade, an inspiration and made French enjoyable and easy.
Ms. Doupe, a lady so quiet but you listened when she spoke.
I always loved Irish from my primary school in Kilcornan with a beautiful kind lady Ms. O Sullivan who was an angel. She treated my brother Donie and I with unending kindness.
When I met you Mrs. Hawkes you extended my deep love for the Irish language and I thank you for that. You were firm but fair, a bit like Judge Judy!!!!!!! you took no nonsense.
Ms. McDonnell brought out the best in every student by involving everyone in the enjoyment of learning and school plays/musicals and that is how I met the light of my life James. Thank god he came to my school.
I remember Mrs. Hawkes gliding down the stairs with her gown flowing but my best memory was James coming down those stairs with his hair flowing in the wind!!!! We used to have 1 bag of chips and tomatoe sauce in the Arena at lunchtime which was then a chipper. Nora Kelly gave them to us and she was also a most beautiful, kind and special lady.
I cannot remember a bad moment in St. Marys and thats a wonderful thing to be able to say.
St. Marys was a great time in my life where I made great friends, met wonderful teachers/mentors and met my husband. How good is that!!!!!
Au revoir agus slan, Antoinette Fitzgerald